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Reichsrevolver 1883 Mauser Zig Zag 10.6mm Antique Revolver


First model, super low serial number! #412- Zig Zag Antique Revolver

A Reichsrevolver Mod. 1883, Mauser Cal. 10.6 mm, no. 412. Matching numbers including screws. Bright bore. EXTREMELY tight! I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot it! “Oberndorf antlers”. Taken into service in 1886.  Complete original finish largely patinated and slight pitting. Small and operational parts polished white. Smooth walnut grip panels. Lanyard loop. The rarest Reichsrevolver M 83 from a total manufacture of only approx. 1500 weapons. In very good condition. 70-80%

Blue Book Gun Value book has the revolver listed at $10,000 at 90% and low book, poor condition has it listed for $3,500. And this book is several years old…so value would only increase.