COMPETITION BILLET MATCH Set 16″ AR15 .223WYLDE CHF Match Rifle – 15″ THOR Handguard


Archangel Arms meets Aero Precision AR15/M4 Rifle – 16″ .223WYLDE COLD HAMMER FORGED

Black Anodized


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The .223WYLDE is a chamber that allows the shooter to effectively and accurately shoot BOTH .223REM AND 5.56 NATO. This is the same case as our 5.56 barrels, but this chamber was developed by Bill Wilde for competition purposes. This is an improved 5.56 chamber, that has tighter tolerances, to shoot the .223REM more accurately and with little to no malfunctions, as it eliminates the voids in a 5.56 barrel.

THEN the rifling in our barrels are made for the avid shooter, 3 gunner, competition shooter, or just the every day Joe that just loves quality made components! The Cold Hammer Forging (CHF) process for rifling eliminates the steps that break down the integrity of the materials of which your barrel is made. This greatly enhances both your accuracy AND THE BARREL LIFE! These CHF barrels have been tested to hold their integrity over 50,000 rounds fired. The barrel life of a normal barrel is only a fraction of that! These barrels are found on the market selling from anywhere of $250 up to $400. So the quality of your barrel is paramount, if your want results in ANY situation you find yourself in, or put yourself in. Hunting, plinking, target, 3 gun, competition and most importantly, DEFENDER. Whether you have the use for home protection or use it as a tool for your everyday carry as Law Enforcement, Military of Security….WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! We’ve got YOUR 6!


Archangel Arms, meets Aero Precision AR15. Rather than having the Ferrari engine in a Ford Focus chassis, we put the Ferrari engine, in the Ferrari chassis!! Same SUB MOA accuracy and top tier parts, just looks MUCH better with our BILLET lower, integrated drop trigger guard and kick ass logo!!

BILLET SET (BILLET upper AND LOWER) 7075T6 BILLET ALUMINUM. ALL other components are still Aero Precision.


16” 5.56 CrMo Black Nitride 1:7 COLD HAMMER FORGED Barrel

Mid-Length Gas System (providing the ultimate shooting experience)

15″ THOR MLOK Handguard

Collapsible stock

ERGO grip

Black Nitride BCG

Low Profile Gas Block

Dual point bungee sling

A2 MilSpec trigger & muzzle


Added options:

Back-up Iron Sights (BUIS)
1x Red Dot on Riser




If you’re not familiar with Aero Precision, they are the best in the business, in it’s class! They offer a superior product, at an EXCELLENT price point. We have modeled our parts that we make, after them. Superior tolerances, figment and quality. All the components are either Aero Precision, or made in house to the same quality control standard. You’re still essentially getting an Aero rifle, just with a much better looking lower and logo!!

You hear some shops/sellers offering a “Lifetime Warranty” on their rifle, but that’s when something goes wrong, they will fix and replace for you. Aero is the Manufacturer that offers the Guarantee and backs their product. They are also one of the only to GUARANTEE SUB MOA accuracy on their barrels…GUARANTEED ACCURACY!!! MilSpec tolerances are between a tenth and a one-thousandth… Aero machines EVERYTHING they make, to a ONE-MILLIONTH!! Tightest sets you’ll find. Years ago, companies offer Match Grade, Match Sets to guarantee tight fitment of the upper and lower…for the cost of a rifle now a days. You can take a lower they made 2 years ago and pair it with a brand new upper and they will fit like they were made together, at the same time. Literally. They are one of the few that offers a nylon screw in the lower for adjustment, as well. Once assembled, cheaper rifles will rattle and move when moved or shaken. The only thing that will move on these…if anything at all, is the stock.. not the upper and lower.

All firearms are transferred, or shipped to FFL holder. Make sure if purchasing a firearm, you’re of legal age and can legally possess it. If a pistol purchased, will need a purchase or concealed permit. Proper forms of ID required. Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE and all orders returned or NICS denials are subject to a 30% restocking fee. Backorders may be refunded on a case-by case basis, but subject to 4% card fee




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Flat-Top, BUIS +$49, Red Dot +$49, BUIS & Red Dot +$99