We are a high quality, TOP accuracy manufacturer of the gas impingement system on both 10 & 15 platform of the AR. SUB MOA accuracy is guaranteed! Custom orders, custom work, any caliber. Competition Bolt Action, hand fitted 1911’s. Currently pushing the envelope and making a new, top of the line PISTON operating system. Billet and Forged options available, custom machining and Cerakote available.

We are a family run operation and have been in the firearms industry for decades. The last few years we have been pushing each other and started our own manufacturing, in-house. We guarantee your grouping with our barrels to be no greater than an inch. Most shooters come back showing us around a HALF inch grouping, while others are even UNDER a QUARTER of an inch group at 100 yards! You know that the engineering is in our barrels, to be able to walk it back and test your ability. With the right components, ammunition, glass and ample trigger time, you’ll be shooting out to 1,000 yards in no time.

Current owner/operator is a Military AND Law Enforcement Veteran. So you know the rigs that we put out, are capable of defending LIFE AND LIBERTY…or we just wouldn’t make them! He constantly tells folks, “Instead of trying to shoot groups within a pie plate at 100yds, try to keep every round fired in the same hole of the first!”